Manual Lymphatic Drainage is an hands-on, effective way of helping the body to get rid of unwanted retained water and waste. It is a technique for which the therapist uses flat hands, using all fingers to simulate gentle and rhythmic wave-like strokes, which mimics the normal lymph fluid movement. This activates lymph nodes and stimulate the natural lymphatic fluid circulation. Indication for Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD):                                                                                 1. EDEMA Edema is an imbalance of production and drainage of interstitial fluid. It is temporary and will get back to normal, for example:   after surgery,  with fractures, infections, strained and torn muscles, burns, and with edema in pregnant women.   MLD can help here :  assist the removal of the edema  substitute the faster healing process  reduce the pain and inflammation Edema is a symptom, while Lymphedema is a chronic condition! 2. LYMPHEDEMA It shows when the fluid exceeds the lymphatic transport capacity, the reason being that the lymphatic system is not working properly. Protein rich fluid builds up reulting in the thickening and hardening of tissue.  Lymphedema is chronic and has a tendency to progress.    Contraindications: Decompensated heart insufficiency, acute infection, thrombosis © Moments Massage 2012
Manual Lymphatic Drainage